Journal Edition.

simple reflections 

On the first day experiencing jet lag was as expected. even though we were all exhausted beyond belief it was an amazing experience to remember.

starting with the plane ride, I got to see the sunset and rise within the same hour as we switched time zones and chased the sun. I couldn’t sleep the entire way, yet I was glad to take everything in. when we arrived at the biological station in zvenigorod we met some amazing and unforgettable people, the first was Anton. He shared his Botany knowledge with us, and it was very difficult to understand him due to the language barrier, but still an adventure exploring the bog. I felt like a zombie because at this point I have been awake for 36 hours, but I wouldn’t have wanted to start this journey any other way. while exploring the biological station I felt right at home, except the slight difference of how the scotch pines are so tall and reach towards the sky, reason being they are native to Russia and not to the Adirondacks.


After a well needed long nights sleep I was no longer feeling jet lagged.

” we shall now proceed to a description of the insects, a subject replete with endless difficulties indeed, in no one of her works has nature more fully displayed her exhaustless ingenuity…”

Next came Pyotr, or Pyotr pan as I preferred.

“In large animals…. or at all events, in the very largest among them, she found her task easy and her materials ready and pliable; but in these minute creatures, so nearly skin as they are to non- entity, how  surpassing the intelligence, how vast the resources, and how ineffable the perfection which she has displayed.”

quotes shared by Pyotr as his passion for etymology inspired everyone present. I enjoyed speaking to him as he always had something intelligent to say and his desire to be constantly absorbing new information, as well as educating others. entomology is a huge, diverse field where there is not enough credit given where it is due. He started his time with us with just as much energy as he left us with. he shared a presentation with us  containing his research about where are we going in the world, a question many should be asking. he provided us with an evidence based mindset on the state of the world, and what turned out to be one of my all time favorite quotes ” Never mind the headlines, we have never lived in such peaceful times”. his explanation of how far we have come as humans was all in this quote. the question then asked was, why is the world always more dangerous than it has ever been?

most of this information to answer this question comes from exaggerated and unrealistic media, or how journalism portrays certain aspects. as more individuals live In peace and die at old age, which is an older age than is has ever been, even some third world countries are increasing in life expectancy. Too much of our impressions of the world come from a misleading formula, a mixture of journalistic narration and also a mixture of ignorance to other cultures and aspects of life.

Knowledge is power. The message from Pyotr that will always follow me through my adventures. Knowledge is power and there is a much better way to learn, explore, and understand the world around you. Providing an evidence based mindset lets us interpret the state of the world in a way all our own and provides hope and an appreciation of how far we have come.

“What a chimera then is man! what a novelty, what a monster, what a Chaos, what a contradiction, what a prodigy! judge of all things, feeble earthworm, repository of truth, sewer of uncertainty and error, the glory and the scum of the universe”.


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