Werewolves Where They Once Were

“On the ragged edge of earth I’ll roam, and the home of the wolf shall be my home”

over 100 years ago it was said that wolves were locally extinct from the Adirondack park. In 2002 a hunter believed that he shot what was a coyote, yet it turned out to be a pure bred grey wolf. After this, many people has reported sightings of this magnificent animal.

Grey wolves can survive in a multitude of habitats ranging from arctic tundra, to mixed forests, to savannah. Before becoming endangered they were found globally, but know their range is limited.

Once ruling out that this species was indeed a grey wolf, much discussion about re introducing them into the Adirondacks has taken place. There are may ways we could do this, and there are already many conservation groups taking on and diving head first into this project.

Wolves are native to the Adirondacks and they have every right to this land. Restoring a native, natural predator into the environment, we could create a balance which could have potentially left with the wolf population. With this being said, prey for the wolves us adequate and the habitat can support and work with this species. Looking at other wolfish species, they live in this area, coexist with the ecosystem and habitat, survive and thrive. Reintroduction of this species could potentially help out the few that people believe are already here. the layout of the Adirondack park may lead to the wolf population becoming isolated from the rest of the population, yet with human interference we could monitor this, and alow this to remain a viable population.  The absence of wolves have left the ecology of the Adirondacks unbalanced and unadjusted. Without the, there is a predetor gap in the ecosystem!

After hearing my opinion of the introduction of these beautiful animals back into the Adirondack park, take some time to look into it and find out how you can help get your voice heard! Links below;


“On the ragged edge of earth I’ll roam, and the home of the wolf shall be my home”








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