No Wind, No Waves

No wind, No Waves or No Sharks, No Surf

A simple truth is that we need sharks on this planet. Although the media portrays them as crazy killing machines we are wiping out their population at a rate of over 2 per second. yes PER SECOND. Meanwhile the average number of the entire population killed by a shark is only about 8 YEARLY. As the human population continues to pass way over the carrying capacity, we are causing the ocean to be depleated and warmed. On top of the environmental issues we have caused on the oceans, sharks are also facing the problem of being over-fished, and finned at unsustainable rates. Studies show that 100 MILLION sharks are killed per year, just by humans. Some species of sharks are placed on the red list as threatened, while other its already to late as they have faced extinction. This is the results of the misconception carried with the. People do not care to educate themselves on something they fear.

Sharks play an important role in the ocean, they pick off the dying, dead, and sick, which balances out the food chain, and passes on the energy throughout their fragile ecosystem.

With only 3,500 great white sharks world wide, and the population only decreasing, its time to shatter this stereotype the follows these beautiful creatures and become educated. The more knowledge you have, the more you will understand the vital role they have to us.

As the shark population decreases, the fish populations are sick, old and dying leading to an unhealthy and decreasing population in that area, Fish keep reefs healthy and alive so this would ALSO decrease, Reefs Create some of the best waves in the world.

As I was saying, No Sharks, no fish, no reefs, no waves.

This ecosystem needs sharks and all they do for earth and their environment. Although everyone believes them to be cold blooded killers, take a second to realize that humans are the only monsters as we destroy their habitat, take their fins, and use them for recreational purposes.

Take a moment to sign some petitions, and look into research done by some amazing organizations, striving to preserve shark species all over the world.

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