6 million Acres of Forever Wild

“….. The land now and hereafter constituting the forest preserve shall be forever kept as wild forest lands….. “

The Adirondack Park, A beautiful place many of us get to call home. In 1892 The park was created by the state of new york to conserve and protect the diverse mountain landscape. The park is filled with breath taking waterfalls, Boreal forests and incredible mountain ranges. In the late 1800s, clear cutting was a major concern for this area until the Adirondack forest preserve was established, and Forever protected the vast Wild land. The Adirondack park is 6 million acres of preserved wild land. Containing 3,ooo lakes and ponds and over 30,000 miles of freshwater supporting diverse wildlife of new york. The Park Home of the Adirondacks 46 high peaks the beauty this park encompasses is completely incredible, and a reminder that every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

The Adirondack park may be known for the beauty that the mountainous landscapes bring, but what is iconic about this place is all the wild life we are blessed with. Old growth and second generation forests are home to a diverse population or wildlife, with over 50 species of mammals located in the park, we need to take initiative to coexist and learn about The beauty of their nature.

Throughout my studies i have had the amazing opportunity to become educated about many different ecosystems. The Adirondack park is only one of the examples i will share with you as i guide you through my journey. specializing this blog towards the history and status of conserving our wildlife mammals,  i will take you through the adirondack park and also into the marine ecosystems looking at mammals that are endangered, threatened, and subject to environmental changes such as climate change, human interaction, habitat degradation and much more.

“….. The land now and hereafter constituting the forest preserve shall be forever kept as wild forest lands….. “








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